Walking out of the last class of the wee meme campaign analysis

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The “Walking Out” meme was to make college students laugh  and share the meme on Twitter. College students feel tremendous joy in making through the last class of the week when they walk out and a weekend begins. I used a scene from “Man Men” wherein Elisabeth Moss wearing a sunglass and smoking a cigarette holding a box filled with office materials and holding a large notepad under her left arm.

The objective of the meme project was:

  • Get at 100 likes and 50 retweets
  • Attain at least 5 comments




The objective might have been a little too ambitious, falling far short in terms of the number of likes and retweets. While three people clicked the like button and got 16 views on Imgur — two are my friends and the third person is a political scientist studying Japan-India relation who follows me on Twitter — the meme didn’t do well as much as I was hoping it to be. Perhaps the meme of Moss wearing a sunglass was not an image that college students would have in mind when they were walking out of the last class of the week. Maybe the picture of a person jumping up and down could’ve been stronger visual image. Also, the picture is from “Man Men,” an AMC TV show about an advertising agency in 1960s. A larger college student body might have either not watched the show or not associated their feelings to the show about adult men and women. Also I tweeted the images between 12 and 4 p.m. on EST. Perhaps I could have widened the time frame, like tweeting out 3 p.m. PST and 6 p.m. EST, to target people living in different time zones.

The final result of the campaign:

    • 436 impressions
    • 153 engagements
    • 35.09 percent engagement rate
    • Cost per result $0.03 per share


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