Ways to Survive Cuffing Season Viral Challenge

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Between the months of November and February many people get into relationships because of the winter weather. These cold and harsh weather conditions often call for people to find individuals to cuddle with or spend time with. Many have deemed this season to be cuffing season, but how does a single person survive this season without a mate


  •  Allow people who are single to receive tips on how to survive “Cuffing Season
  • Create a post that will go viral on Buzzfeed
  • Successful use Twitter cards
  •  Maximize engagement through Facebook and Twitter post

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I think my topic for the viral campaign was very relevant. As I was able to get one thousand plus impressions via the Twitter ad. Also a lot of people around campus and from back home have told me they have seen or read my article. However I don’t know if the Buzzfeed community or editors really connected with the piece as it didn’t go viral via there site. I’m not sure how they determine what goes viral or not, and I also realized that older people or the older generation didn’t really relate with the term “Cuffing Season”. I believe my campaign was successful and might pick up steam later if promoted by Buzzfeed.


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