What are the best ways to annoy your roommates?

8 thoughts on “What are the best ways to annoy your roommates?

  1. Hi Julia, I thought your video was hilarious, interesting, and creative! The way you presented your “explainer video” totally made me want to engage as an audience member. Not only was your content spot on, your video and audio were high quality. I could definitely see this as a YouTube series!

  2. Hey Julia!
    Loved your video! I thought it was fun, interactive and very informative. I loved how you included many fun twists in there and the video extremely engaging! Overall, nice job.

  3. Julia,
    I found this post to be very entertaining and visually appealing with the different clips inserted and the words on the screen. It was a comical creation yet you maintained a serious tone, which added to the comedy aspect. Each tip you gave is for sure a way to annoy your roommate and very relatable! I look forward to seeing if you come up with more ways in the future. In the meantime, I will try to help you out with ideas. Great post, I loved watching it!

  4. Hi Julia,
    I thought your blog post was really creative and fun to watch. Including the video clips of each tip on how to annoy your roommates was a great way to keep the audience engaged. I know I was looking forward to each tip. After watching your video I wanted to go annoy my roommates and test them out!

  5. Hey Julia,

    I thought this was a very creative idea for a blog post. I liked how you not only talked about the different ways to annoy your roommates, but you also put those ways into action. As many of us are only on campus for a few more semesters, it is important that we annoy our roommates as much as we can! Nice job.

  6. Julia,
    I loved how you made such a simple video so engaging and funny! Plus it’s undeniably relatable for anyone who has had a roommate in the past. Such a fun twist on an ‘informative video’ and I enjoyed watching it, the only thing I would’ve liked to see more is your roommates’ reactions. Great job overall!

  7. Hi Julia,
    I absolutely love this video. It’s funny, creative and gives lots of great ideas about how to annoy your roommates. I think intercutting yourself explaining the different ways with you actually executing them is the best way to make this video effective. I loved the text overlay in your first shot of you, as it’s a good way to better introduce the video. Also, ending the video with asking the viewer for more suggestions is a great way to increase engagement. Overall, this is a great explainer video!

  8. Hi Julia,

    I thought that this blog post was really funny and very well executed. The content put on display was really relatable, as it made me realize that I am actually a pretty annoying of a roommate. I hope you continue making videos, as I believe that you have the potential to be a Youtube sensation.


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