What the Globe Thought of the #GoldenGlobes2017

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In terms of the Word Cloud, the most mentioned words on Twitter included, “Emma Stone”, “Ryan Gosling” and “YouTube”, aside from “Golden Globes 2017”, of course. It was cool to see that a lot of trending mentions were words of a different language, as well, showing the universality and global-reach of the awards show. However, it was intriguing to see those results, as Meryl Streep created tremendous waves with her emotional speech, but according to the Word Cloud, wasn’t as popular a topic as she may have seemed. 


According to the graph, the majority of the activity surrounding the Golden Globes 2017 spanned from February 7th all the way through February 11th. The actual show was on February 8th, but the peak of all Twitter activity was actually on the 9th, which is interesting to consider as this could be a result of social media buzz, trending topics, and circulating memes, which added to the popularity of the show.


The majority of the Twitter discussion, which is “based on a sample of about 1,500 mentions” took place in the United States, with the United Kingdom coming in second, followed by Italy, France and Germany, surprisingly.


At the center of the Buzz Graph is Golden Globes 2017, which shows the close connection of the three words used together in Tweets. And some of the most discussed topics in connection to those include “fashion”, “speech”, “beauty”, and “Meryl Streep”.


Surprisingly enough, the most popular tweet in regards to this topic was Tweeted by a famous Thai social media news outlet, which received 5.7K Retweet and 1.2K Likes, despite the fact that the United States had 38.2% discussion about the Golden Globes and Thailand only had about 2.2%.


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