What the pup is up with dog twitter?

4 thoughts on “What the pup is up with dog twitter?

  1. Catherine,

    I thought this blog post was super interesting! It is fascinating for people to play on the cuteness of dogs by inserting political views and freedom of speech as well into their twitter accounts. By using dogs, it makes their views almost seem less aggressive, which is a great tactic in a social media space like Twitter. Twitter conversations can get pretty heated from time to time, therefore, by using a dog in the mix, it creates the perfect happy medium to still have your voice heard. I also like how you included the cute dog Twitter accounts at the end as well. Overall, I enjoyed your approach to this blog post and enjoyed hearing about this topic!

  2. I think you did a great job of explaining how this started and what it is for those who are not familiar. Your blurb about your video is very creative and your enthusiasm is wonderful! Great job showing us some examples on your computer screen too.

  3. Catherine,
    I have never heard of Dog Twitter until now so thank you for bringing this up. I wonder if any other household pets will make their way into politics in the next few years?

    1. Happy to educate! I think dogs will remain on the frontline of politics for a while, mostly because they’re the most popular household pet, but it’s possible that eventually cats (and maybe other pets) will work their way in as well. If it’s cute, it’s marketable. Good question!

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