Who Should You Trust? Who CAN You Trust?

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The world has come to a point in which you need to question authenticity in every post, especially Facebook. Especially in regards  to recent events, each and every Facebook user has to take the extra measure to make sure that what they read and trust is truly reliable. Whatever you do, you really should not trust any article of the thousands of unverified pages you “liked” in middle school.

Facebook has begun to hire third-party publishers to “help it validate whether news articles that are distributed on the social network contain fake or misleading information.” Facebook is a tough website to manage with millions of world-wide users. These users do not their newsfeeds to be distorted with false information. However, it has been clear that Facebook newsfeeds have become tarnished by propaganda and other certain agendas that are set forth. The scary part is that even with the help of third-party publishers and trusting verified accounts, you still do not know what you are going to get.

According to New York Times World, there are still “keyboard warriors” trying to infiltrate the social media platform which may appear on Facebook pages that you trust. For now, I would say our best bet is when it comes to getting information from Facebook, seek the verified news channel pages that you trust. Sometimes just a verified page is not enough.


Source: http://fortune.com/2018/06/21/facebook-fake-news-fact-checking/

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