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Recently, Snapchat decided to drastically change the layout of their platform, leaving many people angered and wanting to delete the app. In this video friend Liz and I explain why this is negatively affecting the app.


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  1. I definitely agree with the comments about how user friendly and fun Instagram is becoming. I think the timing of the Snapchat update really pushed users to go to Instagram because its format has never changed so much that we become lost in how to use the app. Instagram has added unique features like the Polls and other stickers which really just make the app more fun and interactive to use.

  2. This was a really great topic to do! I never would have thought of it. I really like that it was in the interview format to give some outsider perspective. I definitely agree that I spend less time on Snapchat because of this update. My interest in watching stories has really decreased, and i’ve noticed that my stories get less viewers too. My Snapchat just recently updated again, and I think the new layout is a slight improvement but I definitely miss the old layout.

  3. I agree that Instagram has been the main beneficiary of the snapchat update debacle. They added great features that you can put on your story like interactive polls and gif stickers that you just couldn’t get with snapchat anyways. The snapchat update was incredibly confusing and caused a lot of users (myself included) to get lost in the app. Ever since the update I’ve been using Snapchat less and less, and I don’t see that trend changing any time soon.

  4. I 100% agree with you that the new app update is confusing to navigate and, I too, sometimes just give up trying to find somebody or something and just move onto something else. In terms of the brands & influencers, I also agree that is is tougher for them to be noticed, since it is tougher to find them across the platform. More influencers are moving towards other social media, specifically Instagram, since it is a lot easier to find, like and comment on posts.

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