Why is THERE still confusion?

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Deep down inside we all have that one grammatical pet peeve that we can’t get over (or in some cases, many). For me, I can’t understand what is so hard to understand about using the correct form of “their, there, they’re” when speaking. To help at the most basic level, I’ve tried my best to explain it in this explainer video. Enjoy!

For more info and examples, please visit http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/blog/english-mistakes/their-there-theyre/ where I had to do a little refresher before making this.


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2 thoughts on “Why is THERE still confusion?

  1. I like how enthusiastic you were in presenting the material! I thought you distinguished between the three “there”s very well. It helped to have visual aids; however, next time maybe be aware that the words are backwards! Overall, well done Court!

  2. I love this! There’s truly nothing more annoying, especially at this point in college, when somebody can’t distinguish between these words. We didn’t all suffer through COM 101 for nothing! Your passion for this makes the video fun and informative, and I hope that people who have issues with there/their/they’re walk away with a new and better understanding.

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