Work Hard, Play Hard, Cry Harder

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At colleges and universities all over the countries, the end of Thanksgiving break marks the beginning of finals week. The final two weeks of classes are filled with essays, projects and exams. In order to cope with the stress of finals week, content creators use humor, sarcasm and self-deprecation. Humorous finals week themed content will be relatable to all current or past college students.

Objective Sample Tweet

To create viral finals week content that will generate views and interactions on social media.

Sample Tweet

Results Analysis

Overall, I think the Twitter advertisements were not successful. Because we were working with a limited budget of $5, I think that the tweets were not promoted enough and therefore, did not garner much engagement. In order to generate more clicks and interactions in the future, I think it would be beneficial to increase the minimum spend or to condense the challenge to fewer days. The post that I promoted through this challenge was also promoted by BuzzFeed Community editors. The post received a total of 69,200 views. A previous college themed post received approximately the same number of views without promoting it on Twitter. Because of the lack of increase, I believe that the Twitter advertisements did not do much to help increase the number of views on my post.


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