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This hashtag is important to me, most obviously, because I am a woman. #YesAllWomen is a hashtag that stands against misogyny and violence against women. It gives women a voice to share their own experiences of feeling discriminated and harassed by men. #YesAllWomen more directly acknowledges that although not all men commit this harassment, all women experience it at some point in their lives.

Many of these tweets were written by female users and used to share their personal stories of daily harassment. A tweet written by Brian Joseph acknowledges that although he may not be a victim of these issues, he still finds it important to notice the women in his neighborhood who get harassed while he doesn’t. On the other side of the argument, there are Twitter users such as Barney Franken and Jodie Mae. Franken sheds light on the fact that not many people tweet on behalf of the good men out there, while Mae shows her support for men as a female on International Men’s Day.

I don’t believe in bashing men, but I do believe it’s important to raise awareness about sexism and the detrimental effects it has on today’s women. This campaign is not about choosing sides. It’s about showing support for females who feel harassed, and finding a way to elicit change in our community.




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