How #RefreshinglyHonest Are You?

Social media is everywhere and with so much to look at, it’s important to have campaigns and events that make an impression on social media consumers. Through social media campaigns, companies can hone in on a specific message that they want to spread to the public and encourage engagement and participation that could lead to […]

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Mercedes Benz’s #GLApacked campaign

With the glut of social media outlets available for companies to take advantage of, it was inevitable that branding would eventually be streamlined across multiple platforms. Mercedes Benz was one of the first pioneers in cross-platform branding with its advertising campaign for the new Mercedes Benz GLA-class integrated together on both Instagram and Facebook. The basis […]

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Snapchat and the #LastSelfie

Social media is a wonder of the modern world. Okay, maybe not “social media” as it is defined (since it has been around a long time), but social media as we know it. I mean just think, Twitter and Facebook alone allow us to connect to people all over the globe in a matter of […]

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Before you continue reading this, I want you to type two words into your search engine of choice: beautiful women. Then search “attractive men.” Did you notice anything interesting about the results? Well, you may or may not have realized that an overwhelming majority of the people in the photographs are white. One has to […]

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