Why We Use Social Media

Social media has changed life as we know it today. Social media opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  People all over the world use it for countless reasons.  Social media platforms help us connect with not only friends and family, but people all over the world.  No matter how similar, or different two […]

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Why do I use social Media?

When I was 16 my friend told me that Ronny her elitist friend has access to something new of students in the US that is called FaceBook. I understood that it’s a tool to communicate with your student’s friends from abroad, most of them from Ivy League universities and the common opinion was that- if […]

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My Big 3

I tweet, post, like, retweet and comment for reasons I can’t fully explain. It began as just the thing to do so I did it. But now I’ve started to express myself and grow into an experienced social media user. I use social media to create my own brand, socialize, and learn from others. I’d […]

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I Want to Know First

As a sports journalist, I have a strong desire to know the latest breaking news before anyone else. I have notifications turned on for just about every sporting news/social media app downloaded on my phone. If I’m not watching the TV when a story breaks, I usually find out within seconds once it pops up on my […]

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Constant Connection

When pondering the question “Why Do You Use Social Media?”, the first thing that comes to my mind is…”because I have to.” Society has made it almost impossible to go through life as a young professional without any social media profiles. I use social media for numerous reasons but the number one reason is to […]

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The best kind of #FOMO

I have to start by saying that I am the kind of person that is tired all day, and when I finally get in my bed, suddenly I am not tired anymore. So, while I try to fall asleep, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I see what  my friends are up to, and I think […]

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