The Viral Betty White

Objective: I believe the best way for me to measure the marketing of this meme is keep track of how many views I am at after I post on a social media site. For example, the day that I post on Instagram, a couple hours later I will check Imgur to see if I have […]

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Animal Crossing Meme

Objective The goal of the campaign is to go viral, or have as many people see it as possible. The measurable objective of this campaign is to hit at least 100 likes on Twitter and to have over 1k view count on imgur.  Background One popular format I have seen of a lot of text […]

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Spongebob Meme Campaign Analysis

Objective The main objective was to reach at least 300 views on Imagur.   Meme Inspiration In the midst of social distancing, there have been plenty of memes on social media regarding everyone’s experiences, especially boredom, after the first few days of not leaving home. I created this meme because it showed how I felt […]

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SpongeBob Goes Viral

Background This meme is based on the “Meets” Meme frame, combining the “To-Do List – Nothing” SpongeBob GIF and current culture during the coronavirus pandemic. This meme frame became popular on Twitter beginning in 2018 and continues to be popular, reemerging over the past year. Featured below is an example, using this meme frame, that […]

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Do you know how to Renegade?

With the widespread hype of Tik Tok, there are many dances you can see while scrolling on the app. I have been sucked into the trend and have also tried performing the dances as well. The most popular dance on the app is called the “renegade.” According to Insider, it has more than 29.7 million […]

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