How People Actually React To Memes

Objective My meme reaches at least 100 views on Imgur. Background My meme was inspired by two memes that I put together. One meme being the “white people” meme: a blanket generalization statement about silly things white people do. The other the “absolutely/literally no one” meme: this idea that even without a trigger a person […]

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Animal Crossing Meme

Objective The goal of the campaign is to go viral, or have as many people see it as possible. The measurable objective of this campaign is to hit at least 100 likes on Twitter and to have over 1k view count on imgur.  Background One popular format I have seen of a lot of text […]

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Spongebob Meme Campaign Analysis

Objective The main objective was to reach at least 300 views on Imagur.   Meme Inspiration In the midst of social distancing, there have been plenty of memes on social media regarding everyone’s experiences, especially boredom, after the first few days of not leaving home. I created this meme because it showed how I felt […]

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SpongeBob Goes Viral

Background This meme is based on the “Meets” Meme frame, combining the “To-Do List – Nothing” SpongeBob GIF and current culture during the coronavirus pandemic. This meme frame became popular on Twitter beginning in 2018 and continues to be popular, reemerging over the past year. Featured below is an example, using this meme frame, that […]

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Trying to go Viral in 2019…

Going viral in 2019 is very difficult, there is so much content on the web that it’s almost impossible to create content that has the possibility of going viral without already having a large following. When starting the assignment, I only had 20 followers on Twitter and had never used Imgur before so it was […]

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Oh, boy! Let’s go viral!

Recently, I have heard many of my friends and classmates discussing upcoming date night parties that they were attending or had gone to in the past couple of days. One of my friends went to a date night last weekend and said the boy would not stop talking about his ex-girlfriend. Later that night, I […]

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You Might Be Smarter than a 5th Grader… But Are You Smarter than a Viral Hoax?

Social media is a way to make connections, share ideas, content, and stories. However, because of its partial anonymity and ability to instantly share, it enables the spreading false information to a wide audience at a rapid speed. Viral hoaxes have become a regular occurrence, flooding social media platforms. These hoaxes are easy to believe, […]

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