Getting to Know “The Meme”

If you use social media, you’ve most likely heard of or come across the four-letter word that has taken the internet by storm: the meme. While the internet is a tremendously advanced place of business, collaboration, knowledge and global connectivity, it also has a side that provides comic relief, often in the form of internet […]

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Memes: What are they?

Memes have become a popular form of communication for society when everything turned digital. To put it simply – a meme is usually in the form of an image or video that makes fun of an idea. For example, here is a meme that I shared on Facebook: I shared this meme with my Facebook […]

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What is A Meme?

An internet meme is an imitation of a humorous image that is then shared for social media users to pass along to one another. Although there are millions of humorous internet memes, there is a fine line between getting the funny side of a meme just right before they start becoming offensive to certain individuals. […]

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Once upon a meme…

What is a meme? Memes are cultural symbols and social ideas that spread virally, primarily with the intent to make people laugh. There are hundreds of memes circulating the internet across all social media platforms every single day. I would say that Twitter is the most popular place to find memes circulating constantly. My friends […]

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The Meme Takeover

An internet meme is a representation of a joke or idea that we all enjoy because they are relatable. Memes were created to show that we all have more in common than we may think and can relate and laugh at something that is so universal. The official definition according to the dictionary is “an […]

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