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The goal of the campaign is to go viral, or have as many people see it as possible. The measurable objective of this campaign is to hit at least 100 likes on Twitter and to have over 1k view count on imgur. 


One popular format I have seen of a lot of text memes are the ones that are like the following. 

My meme can be considered a “spin-off” of that type of meme because I didn’t follow the exact format, where it goes “nobody, absolutely nobody, me”. Instead, my meme starts off with “everyone else”, followed by the “me” statement. 


tired of sea bass..


There were definitely some aspects of my campaign that worked well, while there some other aspects that could have been improved upon. An aspect that worked well in my campaign was posting it on imgur with animal crossing hashtags because it is geared towards the animal crossing community, which means people are more likely to understand the meme. Another aspect that worked well was when I quote-retweeted the original tweet with the meme in it. I realized that quote retweeting brought more attention to the tweet and the quote retweet had more impressions and engagement. One thing that I think could have been improved upon would be my meme itself. I think it could have stood out more if I were to add a gif or photo that relates to the meme because having a plain text meme isn’t as engaging as one with a gif or photo. I think that it was smart to try and post the meme in Facebook groups, such as Animal Crossing Memes or Subtle Asian Traits. However, I didn’t realize that posts have to be approved in both groups and since there are so many posts each day, the amount of time you have to wait to be approved can vary. My posts never ended up being approved because there were so many others like it before. 


Final Engagement Number

My final engagement number was 639 views. Although I didn’t reach my objective, I’m still surprised that I was able to get over 500 views because I have never used imgur or tried to create a meme. 

One thought on “Animal Crossing Meme

  1. Hi Britney,
    For some reason the title of your Imgur post really just brought it all together for me. I don’t have the new Animal Crossing, but I have played some of the old ones and can definitely relate to catching ANOTHER sea bass. I liked how you included the C+ thing since I think that really captures the quirkiness of Animal Crossing and the redundancy of catching a sea bass. One thing that I think would have made your meme much more powerful is if you included a photo in the tweet of your Animal Crossing character holding the sea bass. As we spoke about in class, people love image tweets, and seeing that same pose the character does when they catch the sea bass would have added to the overall humor of the tweet. Overall though, I think your blog post does a really nice job of recounting your process and what you learned. Good job!
    Stay well,

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