Call Her Daddy…Or Don’t (Blog Post 3)

Call Her Daddy, a popular podcast exploring young dating culture and the wild sexual escapades of its hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, has blown up on social media, but not for its typical spicy dating advice.

Since April there has been a feud between Barstool Sports, specifically its founder Dave Portnoy, and the show’s co-hosts.

There was little transparency as to what was really going on until Portnoy released a tell-all.

The ordeal is complicated, but to sum it up: the girls originally signed a three-year contract with Barstool, but going into year 2 they wanted to renegotiate. They had heard from others in the industry that their $75,000 salary was below industry standard. After negotiations, a new deal was offered – a $500,000 salary, 6 months off their 3-year contract and the Call Her Daddy IP. Alex was ready to take the deal, but Sofia wasn’t. The key piece to the puzzle is Peter Nelson, Sofia’s boyfriend and HBO executive, who has controlled many of Sofia’s decisions and caused distance between the girls. After trying to convince Sofia to take the deal, Alex decided to sign with Barstool and become the single host of Call Her Daddy.

There are thousands of tweets supporting Alex, calling out Sofia and roasting Peter Nelson:


However, some dislike the podcast altogether:

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