Two weeks ago the exciting city of Paris was attacked by terrorist from ISIS in an attacks that killed around 125 people. Since then, people’s sentiments have been felt around social media in order to show support and sympathy to the people that were suffering from great loses of people they loved. Platforms like Facebook […]

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Pixar’s Super Team Short

Pixar has always been known for both their revolutionary animation technologies as well as their unique stories. While usually the feature film is praised more than the animated short that prefaces every Pixar movie, “Sanjay’s Super Team” seems to have generated more buzz and excitement than The Good Dinosaur. The main reason for this seems to be that […]

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Twitter: The New Political Hotbed

With the campaigns of each of the 2016 candidates in full-swing, the Twitter landscape has become the new town hall: a place for people from all backgrounds and ideologies to voice their political ideologies and be heard. President Barrack Obama won his elections in 2008 and 2012 with impressive social media campaigns that dwarfed those […]

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Change Isn’t Always Good

Our global climate has become an increasingly important issue in recent decades. Just this past October we experienced the warmest average monthly temperature on record according the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). For the past 25 years, leaders from around the world have been attending the Climate Change Conference to discuss this very evident climate […]

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Weekly? Monthly?

Weekly planners vs. Monthly planners #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly planners allow more in-depth, detailed scheduling #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Weekly or Monthly? Weigh in now! #PlannerDebate2015 #NHsmc — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) November 30, 2015 Monthly planners allow for more thorough, long-term time management #PlannerDebate2015 […]

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In honor of the Dancing with the Stars Finale Tonight, I followed the hashtag #DWTS to see what people were saying about this popular TV show. Many of the tweets were from people were voting for on the show, and they used Twitter to express who they were voting for, and also encouraged others to […]

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Conversation Analysis: #TH4NKSGIVING

This Thanksgiving, the Green Bay Packers retired former quarterback Brett Favre’s famed #4. Favre tumultuous end to his career where he retired, un-retired, retired again, un-retired to play for the Packers’ division rival, and then finally retired again. So, there was some question as to how Favre would be received in his return to Green Bay. […]

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Hashtag OMG Hashtag Shondaland

Along with the flurry of debate around Planned Parenthood and whether or not it deserves funding, one of the largest television shows during what is now called #TGIT commented on the subject as well. “Scandal” is one of Shonda Rhimes’ three shows that appears on Thursday night ABC television, and is at the forefront of […]

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