#YesAllWomen – Story Behind the Hashtag

The hashtag #YesAllWomen started on Twitter as a social media campaign for women to share stories and examples of misogyny and violence against women. A Sysomos MAP analysis shows how much of an impact #YesAllWomen had on the conversation of modern-day gender discrimination. The most retweeted Tweet: #YesAllWomenpic.twitter.com/I3acfzwfWz — Feminist Culture (@feministculture) December 20, 2015 […]

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Amanda’s Top 10 Influencers

I began the semester with roughly 80 Twitter followers and through some carefully crafted tweets and engagements on social media, as of this morning I have 200 followers. There were some tweets that worked more effectively than others. Here are the 10 most influential tweets using the #NHsmtp #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty 90 years young, 90 years #onfleek […]

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It’s election season and #FeelTheBern is everywhere in my Facebook and Twitter feed. Be it used to rally behind Sanders or to poke fun at his fans, it seems you can’t escape this hashtag. But it’s hard to see the true effect of #FeelTheBern just by considering what’s in one’s own closed-off circle. To get […]

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Super Bowl 50 on Twitter #SB50

The Broncos and Panthers squared up in Super Bowl 50 on February 7 in San Francisco. The Broncos won the game 24-10 in Peyton Manning’s last game of his career. The Super Bowl has been one of the most widely viewed program in television history since its debut in 1967. This year’s game had the […]

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#funnycat Everybody Loves.

One of the intriguing and entertaining things scrolling through Twitter is reading feeds about animals, whatever cats, dogs or birds. To the cat lovers, typing the hashtag #funnycat into the search engine, numerous twitters pop up with cats’ naughty face, meme and video attached with #funnycat. It is no doubt that strong and cool human […]

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#LeapDay on Twitter

This year, we have 29 days in February, which only happens only once every four years. The last day of February becomes a hot topic. Although it’s not an official holiday, the hashtag #leapday got 403.5K mentions by 381K users on Twitter. View post on imgur.com What are they talking about? Looking at the wordcloud […]

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