Influencer Growth and Analysis

Influence At the start of this course, I made a brand new Twitter to test out different techniques, which means I started from 0 followers. Over the course of this class, I slowly started gaining more followers monthly. When I started this class in January, I gained 14 followers, but I can’t say the percentage […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

Influence At the beginning of the semester (January 13th), I started off with 6 followers and by the end of the semester (April), I have 44 followers. Therefore, my percentage of growth was 633%. When looking at my growth per month, I noticed that the more I tweeted, the more impressions and profile visits I […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

By: Caitlin Johnston Part 1: Influence Beginning Twitter followers: 335 Ending Twitter followers: 349 Percentage of growth: 4.2% While my percentage of growth was relatively low, I was never really active or strategic with my Twitter before this class. I didn’t (and still kind of don’t) like using Twitter. Through the work we did in […]

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Semester of Influence

Throughout the period of this course, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of engagement growth on social media. I have seen how being consistent and staying true to my voice and tone can increase impressions on my posts. Over the semester, I have only gained 10 followers […]

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Justin Glowacki Twitter Analysis

Followers: Beginning of semester: 97 followers End of semester: 113 followers 14.15% growth Total impressions this semester: 198,599   What worked for me? Most of my top tweets this semester were funny responses to celebrities, but I didn’t include the class hashtag on any of them. On the homework assignment posts, my most popular ones […]

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Influence and Growth Analysis

Influence: Twitter followers before COM 427 – 52 Twitter followers after COM 427 – 88 Over the course of the Fall 2019 semester, I was able to utilize the skills and techniques I learned in COM 427 – Social Media for Communicators to grow my Twitter following by 69.2%. Though growing from 52 to 88 followers might […]

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