As Donald Trump has become our next president, there are a range of emotions from not only the American public, but the world surrounding the 2016 election. There are people who do in fact, believe in Trump: Inside the Beltway: 84% of Americans say #DonaldTrump's the man https://t.co/iIdWN2EwY1… #politics #Election2016 pic.twitter.com/h7OUt3prUY — Donald J. Trump […]

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Viral Content Challenge: Is She Real

Objectives Attract new followers Collect engagement on Twitter webcard ad and Imgur “views” Encourage sharing on different social media platforms Arouse resonance and evoke positive emotions (funny) Goals Gain over 30 engagements solely on Twitter from different parts of the United States Get 5 likes on the original Twitter meme post Gain 3 followers during […]

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#Trump(ing) Views

Only a week after the Presidential election, people still have a lot to say about the candidates. #Trump2016 remains a trending hashtag on twitter for both supporters and those who claim he is “not my president.” Obama played his race card. Hillary played her woman card. The American people played their Trump card. And we […]

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#Lochtegate: The Web of Lies

The world came together in Rio de Janeiro this summer for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Team USA made its country proud by earning 121 medals, but national pride was overshadowed when Ryan Lochte and three other members of Team USA lied about being robbed at gunpoint by Rio police (full story here). When news […]

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Context: The hashtag analyzed below is #ItCanWait. This hashtag is intended to promote the end of distracted driving. #ItCanWait is part of AT&T’s campaign which allows people to “take the pledge” to end distracted driving. Our research looked at tweets using the hashtag from 8/1 – 8/3/2016, and examined a global audience. Latest Tweets: The […]

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Sysomos Analytics #KimKardashian

View post on imgur.com The “geography” map on Sysomos analyzes where Twitter users are located when they mention the keyword being tracked. When analyzing #KimKardashian, the majority of the tweets using this hashtag were sent from the United States during the selected time frame. Kim Kardashian is an American celebrity and so most of her […]

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