You Might Be Smarter than a 5th Grader… But Are You Smarter than a Viral Hoax?

Social media is a way to make connections, share ideas, content, and stories. However, because of its partial anonymity and ability to instantly share, it enables the spreading false information to a wide audience at a rapid speed. Viral hoaxes have become a regular occurrence, flooding social media platforms. These hoaxes are easy to believe, […]

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I think that people create internet hoaxes to get attention from others and because they know people will usually fall for it. The internet is littered with so much information that it can be very hard to tell what is fake and what is real, especially if you’re not really looking for it. Professor Whitney […]

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Leave it to Instagram users to convince each other that the application is changing their privacy policy rather than the message come from the company itself. Towards the end of last month, Instagram was hit with a viral hoax  stating that their policies are changing and your posts, comments, or direct messages (even deleted ones) […]

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Internet Hoaxes: Harmless or Harmful?

Whether you consider yourself an avid social media user, or a more infrequent online browser, you have most likely crossed paths with some sort of internet hoax. An internet hoax is essentially a viral message spread via the internet, that deliberately distributes and circulates a certain falsehood. Sometimes, these hoaxes present as a silly, light-hearted […]

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