How People Actually React To Memes

Objective My meme reaches at least 100 views on Imgur. Background My meme was inspired by two memes that I put together. One meme being the “white people” meme: a blanket generalization statement about silly things white people do. The other the “absolutely/literally no one” meme: this idea that even without a trigger a person […]

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Campaign Analysis

Objective: My “Finding Your Bae” content will be clicked, retweeted and shared across three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Imgur during the eight-day period (11/5-11/12) with a 600+ overall millennial reach and engagement rate. Millennials will be measured by the amount of their clicks, retweets and shares during the eight-day week. Imgur Meme:  […]

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Am I Viral Yet?

Objective: My objective for this viral content challenge was to get 500 (or more) views of my meme on Imgur and 10 or more interactions with my various organic and promoted tweets: retweets, likes, or comments (or any combination). The Meme: Really makes you think… Twitter Ads Webcard: Are you a fan on #memes? If […]

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#StudiousDog Campaign Analysis

Have you ever been called on in class when you had absolutely no idea what was going on? Studious Dog Yeahhh, we’ve all been there: staring wide eyed and clueless at the professor thinking to ourselves, “oh god, why me?” My meme incorporated college humor and the worlds’ love of dogs to create the #StudiousDog campaign. […]

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Who Doesn’t Love Curly Fries?

Objective My objective for this marketing plan was to reach 500 views on Imgur and to get 10 points on Imgur. Other goals I had for my marketing plan was to receive positive feedback on my meme both through social media and in real life. Positive feedback on social media would mean exceeding my objectives […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objective: 10 Retweets and 30 favorites, retweeted by an influential account like @BarstoolCuse or @Dominos








Twitter Ads: 

Twitter Ads engagement and spend


Campaign Analysis: While I reached the Imgur goal of 500+ views, I didn’t get the engagement that I hoped for my tweets. Although my ad helped me get 1,531 impressions, people did not engage with the actual tweet. I think this is because my followers may have gotten sick of me promoting the same tweet because usually my Twitter is full of non-repetitive and culturally/news relevant content. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up by the influential accounts that I hoped, especially Domino’s. I think this might have been because I had to include the link to Imgur instead of just the embedded photo of the meme, which make the process of sharing more streamlined. I also think that Domino’s might not want to be politically associated, and my focus on the photo  of Trump and Clinton wasn’t appealing to them. I wonder if I would’ve posted the Imgur link with different hashtags if it would’ve gotten better engagement in the Imgur community, because I think it is relevant to them. Next time, I will create a meme that is more “newsworthy” and relevant to current events.


Final Engagement: 524 views

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