#Woke100 Trending

Essence magazine recently released its may issue cover revealing its list of 100 woke women. The issue sparked the start of the #Woke100 hashtag trending on Twitter. The hashtag was widely used by Twitter users, exemplifying mixed reviews and encouraged a since of community surrounding this groundbreaking issue. In the words of @fatbellybella, we stay […]

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SOS, I’ve Been Meme’d

-Chazz Inniss I always wanted to go viral.  In some way shape or form I wanted to achieve mass popularity. I never thought it would become an assignment. When creating the meme I naturally gravitated to my face. Why? I think I have a pretty meme-able face. I mean, its expressive, sort of symmetrical, and […]

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Gimme Da Fries Viral Meme Campaign

Campaign Analysis of ‘Gimme Da Fries’ Viral Meme Challenge Objective: The Original Objectives stated in my pre-campaign marketing plan were: 400 Impression on Imgur 450 Impressions on Twitter 35 Engagements on Twitter 5 Retweets on Twitter 25 likes on Twitter 20 Likes on Facebook 5 Shares on Facebook 1 Re-pin on Pinterest 2 likes on […]

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How Social Media Has Become the Battlefield for Recognizing #LymeDisease

More than 300,000 cases of Lyme disease will be diagnosed this year, but because many doctors aren’t well educated in recognizing it in its early stages, the number could be much higher. Luckily, awareness is spreading, thanks highly to social media. Here are some examples of what Twitter has to say about #LymeDisease.

We actually had a vaccine on the market for a few years, but its creators stopped making it because so few people requested it and it wasn’t making them enough money. Hopefully, with cases and awareness and demand on the rise, it will be improved and offered once again.

Many people don’t believe in climate change, but whatever your beliefs, the warmer and shorter the winters, the more ticks thrive. Ticks are notoriously stealthy, and it takes harsh conditions to kill them off. Additionally, they aren’t only spread by deer as many people believe, but are also carried by mice. The more mice survive the winter, they more ticks have warm bodies to stay attached to and feed on.

There’s much controversy over Lyme disease. The CDC says it’s treatable, but if it isn’t caught immediately, it can lead to permanent damage to the brain, heart, nervous system and more.

The “Spoon Theory” is a way of explaining to those without a chronic condition how much energy it takes to get through each day. It suggests that each person is given X amount of spoons each day, to spend however they choose. The amount of spoons you start with is determined by your health status. Certain activities cost more spoons than others, so essentially, it’s about knowing one’s limits and not wasting your energy on trivial or non-vital things.

Many celebrities, like Bella Hadid and Avril Lavigne have been spreading awareness of Lyme disease by being open about their battles with Lyme disease. In her recently released book, Kelly Osbourne slams such celebrities for trying to make the disease “trendy.”

Kelly Osbourne’s views are not shared or appreciated by many who have Lyme disease because they believe that celebrities sharing their battles are both inspirational and are using their platforms to raise awareness.

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Communicating through Screens

Social media has enabled me to communicate with friends and family regardless of our geographic locations. I use social media as a tool to showcase my skill set to potential employers and clients. Because of this, I am motivated to constantly create content and find ways to get my name out there in a way […]

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The Grandpa of Millennials

When it comes to social media, I was a late-comer.  I remember in fourth grade talking to friends about this new website, Facebook–about how they were making accounts and it was cool! and fun!  I shrugged it off.  “Stranger danger…no thanks” were my thoughts. Freshman year of high school (2010), I was finally peer pressured […]

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