Analyzing #Rio2016 via Sysomos

We chose the hashtag “#Rio2016” because as a worldwide event we assumed it would provide us with endless data.  Analyzing the Sysomos Map for the Rio Olympics’ marketable hashtag “#Rio2016” proved to give our group a plethora of unexpected and intriguing information.  The first thing that stuck out to our group was the geography map. […]

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Behind the Scenes of #BackToSchool

Throughout August there was an undeniable buzz around the trending hashtag #backtoschool. This phrase resonates with so many in a wide age range, from young children in elementary school excited for a new backpack to college students budgeting money for textbooks. Upon analyzing #backtoschool in Sysomos MAP, we collected a wide range of data. As […]

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Tweeting for the Gold – #rio2016

As the 31st Olympic Games unfolded in Rio de Janeiro, millions of spectators took part in the action by blogging, tweeting, and posting their thoughts about the events. The hashtag “#rio2016” was a trending topic worldwide and generated content from several online platforms. Using Sysomos MAP 2.0, we focused on and analyzed the content generated […]

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Since March of 2011, Syria has been going through a Civil War that has created a humanitarian crisis, that has captured attention worldwide. According to the UN, approximately 400 thousand people have been killed and there are more than 4 million Syrian refugees. In 2014, a resident and member of Aleppo Eyewitness News Network started a social […]

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