How I Became a Social Media Ninja

If there is anything I have learned from taking COM 427 it’s that in order to become a Social Media Ninja, your twitter content must be REAL- Relevant, Engaging, Appropriate and have Longevity. First let’s start with Relevancy. I successfully learned to create content that was relevant to what is happening in real time. According […]

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Influencer Analysis

Look how much I’ve grown! At the start of this class I had 291 followers and  today I have 329. That is a difference of 38 followers or about  9.5 followers a month on my twitter account. Some techniques that I used to increase the influence of my network include: -Creating more engaging content- actively […]

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Creme-ing the Competition

When it comes to cookies, there is one clear winner. Oreo made a social media splash with their reaction to the power outage during Superbowl XLVII, and has been a social media powerhouse ever since. In comparison to other cookie competitors online, particularly Chips Ahoy, Oreo is a slam dunk. On Twitter, Oreo interacts with […]

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Data Visualization in Journalism

Data visualization has become cheaper and more applicable to fields other than science and math. Data visualization is no longer a pie chart or bar graph that roughly explains relationships and data sets. It is now at the level of sophistication where journalists and teachers use it to tell stories and immerse the viewer in the […]

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Social Media and Security

Social media is extremely prevalent in today’s society (I mean, we’re taking a class in it) with millions and millions of people connected around the world. However, these connections don’t come without problems as security and personal safety can sometimes be compromised. Our project takes a look at some examples of these threats and attempts […]

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Social Media: A Year in Review

As members of a highly-connected generation, it is important to examine how advertisers and individuals are changing the way they use social media. The platforms that promote themselves the most are not necessarily the ones that the target audience is using, and the platforms they are using may not lend themselves to the best advertisements or […]

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