Erica Wilk Viral Content Challenge

Artificial Intelligence, especially Siri is something that has become an integrated part of many millennials everyday lives.  People use Siri to ask simple questions, find directions from point A to point B, or to play a specific song.  Siri allows people to complete tasks without their hands, which has changed the way people live their […]

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Viral Content Challenge Report

Viral Content Challenge Report By: Hailey René Background (background info gathered via: ) The “don’t say it” twitter meme was first posted in 2017. On October 21st, 2017, @Pandamoanimum tweeted: “*Gets in taxi* Brain: Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Mouth: Been busy tonight, mate? Brain: WHAT DID I JUST F***ING […]

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Report on Viral Post Challenge

BACKGROUND: Students are usually taking midterms this time of year. They are so busy during school that they don’t have time to look at their grades. During break, they realize how bad their grades are because they actually have the time to take a step back and see it from the big picture. My goal […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Tweet: Thanksgiving dinner:Aunt Janice: "Can you pass me a roll?"Me: "Are you suggesting you want me to get this bread?" — Emily Campbell (@emily_soup) November 8, 2018 Background: The tweet I created references an Internet meme that is trending around social media currently. The phrase, “let’s get this bread,” is a slang term for making money, […]

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Night Owl Routine Metrics

Background: Night owls come alive when the early birds would rather be asleep. And the night owls are sleepy when the early birds would rather get things done. This is a short glimpse at the life of a self-described night owl. Objective: To go viral. Goals: 5,000 views if promoted by BuzzFeed, 20 views if not […]

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How To Perfectly Crack An Egg

So you think you can perfectly crack an egg?How egg-tra are you? Check out this video and tell us your best egg cracking technique. #comedy #emojis #cooking #eggs #tasty

Posted by Tania Joseph on Friday, December 1, 2017



This is a funny short video that shows multiple attempts at perfectly cracking an egg. The video includes egg puns and concludes with a question to further engage the audience.

Marketing Plan Goals and Objectives:

My primary goal was to go viral and make people laugh. Egg cracking doesn’t come easy to many people and this video shows the struggles individuals may face. My measurable objective was to reach over 150 people and go beyond the viral view standard for our class.


Twitter Metrics 
Impressions 762
Media Views 78
Total engagements 22
Likes 4
Detail expands 7
Retweets 2
Facebook Metrics
Shares 3
Reactions 1
Views 140
Snapchat Metrics
Views 77
YouTube Metrics
Views  61


Overall, I think native video uploads really help  increase views. When I first uploaded my video to Facebook using the YouTube link I only received 47 views in contrast to my native upload which received over 100 views. The same applied for Twitter, I received way more views and impressions with a native upload. Native uploading definitely maximizes video engagement, discovery, and distribution. I also think that allowing the post to be public also helped because once the video was shared it can reach a wider audience. Reflecting on my media planning campaign, I think it went really well! hope to research peak times for posting and find other creative ways to engage viewers for my future marketing plans. This campaign confirms that in order to do this, content must be easily accessible and distributed across multiple platforms.


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