How People Actually React To Memes

Objective My meme reaches at least 100 views on Imgur. Background My meme was inspired by two memes that I put together. One meme being the “white people” meme: a blanket generalization statement about silly things white people do. The other the “absolutely/literally no one” meme: this idea that even without a trigger a person […]

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Chubby Bunny Challenge, Movies Edition

Background Traditionally Chubby Bunny Challenge is a party game that involves the placement of marshmallows into the players’ mouths and stating a phrase that is intended to be difficult to pronounce with a filled mouth. Due to its size, shape and texture marshmallows make the challenge quite dangerous. In this video marshmallows are replaced by […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Background: Krampus is an Alpine folklore. He is the half-goat, half demon counterpart to St. Nicholas. He punishes and kidnaps the children on the naughty list as St. Nicholas gives the good children candy. Krampus and St. Nicholas come on December 5th which is during the campaign timeline, and there is plenty of Krampus merchandise […]

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Marketing Plan for Viral Challenge Part II: How to Cope with The Post-Thanksgiving Blues

Background: I created a comforting and funny BuzzFeed community post. It shows people how to cope with dealing with the reality of heading back to school and work after Thanksgiving holiday. Objective: The main objective of this plan is to track and analyze the steps taken in order to create a viral BuzzFeed community post. […]

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