Justin Glowacki Twitter Analysis

Followers: Beginning of semester: 97 followers End of semester: 113 followers 14.15% growth Total impressions this semester: 198,599   What worked for me? Most of my top tweets this semester were funny responses to celebrities, but I didn’t include the class hashtag on any of them. On the homework assignment posts, my most popular ones […]

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Memes: Proceed with Caution

Memes have become synonymous with social media, as they are weaved throughout our social feeds. But has anyone considered that they may cause more harm than humor? A meme is typically a visual form of communication, in which a picture with a relatable message written on it expresses a certain feeling or emotion towards an […]

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You Might Be Smarter than a 5th Grader… But Are You Smarter than a Viral Hoax?

Social media is a way to make connections, share ideas, content, and stories. However, because of its partial anonymity and ability to instantly share, it enables the spreading false information to a wide audience at a rapid speed. Viral hoaxes have become a regular occurrence, flooding social media platforms. These hoaxes are easy to believe, […]

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Do You Believe Everything You Read?

For years, I’ve heard the phrase “you can’t believe everything you read”. Though this phrase originally applied to untrustworthy information in print media, in current times it’s most applicable to information shared via social media. Facebook has been at the forefront of this investigation of the spread of false information, which was put on the […]

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Social Growth By The Numbers

When tasked with measuring my social influence, I have to admit, I felt a lot of pressure. I began asking myself questions that would never cross my mind offline: What if I didn’t make enough friends? What if my impressionability is low? What if no one is really engaging with me? But as my numbers […]

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