Snacking Squidward’s Meme Success

Due to the unprecedented severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been forced to acclimate to a new way of learning and working from home: Zoom. When classes first transitioned to the new online platform, hundreds of memes began circulating the internet, perhaps to make light of this difficult situation and new way of learning. […]

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Baby Yoda Takes On Zoom Class

Objective: I set an ambitious goal to receive 300 views on Imgur for my Baby Yoda Zoom meme. I figured that with everyone being stuck at home, more people are likely to be online engaging with content on platforms like Imgur. Being that I also had never used Imgur before, I wasn’t sure what a realistic […]

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Marketing Campaign Analysis

Objective I created an internet meme that would reach and be relatable to college seniors across the world that lost their senior spring. More specifically, Syracuse University seniors would feel a strong connection to my meme and want to engage with it. My objective for my marketing plan to go up 200 views on Imgur […]

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How People Actually React To Memes

Objective My meme reaches at least 100 views on Imgur. Background My meme was inspired by two memes that I put together. One meme being the “white people” meme: a blanket generalization statement about silly things white people do. The other the “absolutely/literally no one” meme: this idea that even without a trigger a person […]

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Patrick Star’s Meme Performance

Currently, all universities are meeting virtually for class times, since we are unable to meet in person. Both students and professors are adjusting to this new “normal” of video chatting through platforms like Zoom and Blackboard Connect. When classes first went online, there were many humorous memes created around this idea of “Zoom university”. The […]

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The Fresh New Meme

In an effort to enhance my knowledge of social media and marketing, I participated in a viral challenge using an original meme (see below). After work-shopping the meme, I was able to promote the meme on Imgur and other social media platforms in hopes of gaining virality. Objective Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across […]

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