Influencer Analysis: Then and Now

Influence Before taking the Social Media for Communicators course, I did not think about updating my Twitter account. For many years, my Twitter account was for personal use, until I was midway through college. While I did change my retweeted content to be more entertainment and digital media-based, I did not implement any other social […]

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Influencer Growth and Analysis

Part 1: Taking COM 427: Social Media for Influencers redefined the way I looked at social media. Despite being an avid social media user in my personal life, I had never thought about utilizing it to enhance my professional life. In my past internships and other professional experiences, I tweeted using the organization or company […]

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Influence Growth

Influence Social media has always been my creative outlet. I have enjoyed taking photos and expressing myself through Instagram, as well as speaking my thoughts and sharing humorous memes on Twitter. Over the course of the semester, I have been able to learn and adapt new skills to enhance my social media platforms through my […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

By: Caitlin Johnston Part 1: Influence Beginning Twitter followers: 335 Ending Twitter followers: 349 Percentage of growth: 4.2% While my percentage of growth was relatively low, I was never really active or strategic with my Twitter before this class. I didn’t (and still kind of don’t) like using Twitter. Through the work we did in […]

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