Lifehack: Do You Know the Best Way to Put On Your Duvet Cover?

Over the past few weeks, because everyone has been holed up inside, Pinterest has regained lots of popularity. On this platform, lifehacks remain one of the most viewed forms of content. One trend specifically stuck out to both me and my roommate: a quick trick for putting on your duvet cover. In this video, we decided to show viewers how to perform this trick because Pinterest trends can oftentimes be difficult to perform with only pictures for guidance.

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Do you know how to Renegade?

With the widespread hype of Tik Tok, there are many dances you can see while scrolling on the app. I have been sucked into the trend and have also tried performing the dances as well. The most popular dance on the app is called the “renegade.” According to Insider, it has more than 29.7 million […]

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The Newest Trending Video Game

Click on the video above to get a sneak peek of the new and FREE Call of Duty: Warzone downloadable for Xbox One and PlayStation4!

Click on the video above to hear about the two new game modes and where it ranks amongst trending topics on Youtube currently!

The tweet above by the #1 E-Sports Consultant and Insider, Rod Breslau, shows that the game is off to a great start!


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