Media Pitch

Buzzfeed Final Pitch from Tauri Howard With social media rapidly expanding, youth have begun to acknowledge themselves as public actors, claiming these platforms as tools for activism. One of the largest groups to take advantage of these platforms are young women of color. For this reason, I am proposing a Youtube talk show series created […]

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COM400: Video Pitch Presentation

Overview Buzzfeed is a multinational corporation focused on creating and distributing content through digital and social media platforms. The organization has reached high levels of success with its multiple video channels, online posts, and connections with famous international celebrities. As a result of this success, Buzzfeed has been able to branch out and create its […]

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BuzzFeed Vision Statement

  Brad and I believe that the future of media consumption will be determined by the quickness that consumers are fed information. Thus, we believe live-broadcasted news events, quizzes or even funny videos will help content creators strive for the next 5+ years. We think that BuzzFeed Live would draw more attention to and […]

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