Thanksgiving Boyfriend Virality Outcomes

Social Media Marketing Plan Background: This tweet was composed based on seemingly common occurrences that happen at peoples Thanksgiving dinners. Many Thanksgiving dinners are with extended families who are just friendly faces, so as conversation starters the question of, “Do you have a boyfriend?” always gets asked. Goals: To receive the highest engagement on Twitter […]

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Erica Wilk Viral Content Challenge

Artificial Intelligence, especially Siri is something that has become an integrated part of many millennials everyday lives.  People use Siri to ask simple questions, find directions from point A to point B, or to play a specific song.  Siri allows people to complete tasks without their hands, which has changed the way people live their […]

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Viral Content Challenge Report

Viral Content Challenge Report By: Hailey René Background (background info gathered via: ) The “don’t say it” twitter meme was first posted in 2017. On October 21st, 2017, @Pandamoanimum tweeted: “*Gets in taxi* Brain: Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Mouth: Been busy tonight, mate? Brain: WHAT DID I JUST F***ING […]

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Wood Viral Content Challenge

“Just your daily reminder that I’m an immigrant to this country but no on gives a sh*t because I’m white! Real sick of people pretending they’re not f*cking racist!”   This was my tweet. It received 32 likes, 2 replies, 269 impressions, and 93 total engagements, according to twitter.   Just your daily reminder that […]

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Viral Tweet Challenge

My goal was to go viral on a college campus. While I don’t think I can say I went truly viral, I saw significant engagement on my posts. I tweeted three times was able to meet or exceed nearly all of my objectives: reach at least 10 likes on one tweet, reach at least two […]

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Viral Marketing Report

Stefanie Grafstein

Professor Grygiel

November 29th, 2018

Viral Marketing Report

The Tweet

Statistics (as of November 26th, 2018)

  • Impressions: 214
  • Total Engagements: 41
  • Detail Expands: 37
  • Likes: 4

Goals and Objective

My goals were not achieved, as my tweet did not go viral. When reaching out to other popular Twitter pages in hopes of getting retweeted, I was happy to see a direct message response from Google Fonts which was one of the main accounts that I was looking to target because of the “font humor” behind my tweet. I believe that by promoting my tweet through Reddit and direct message of meme and font accounts, I was able to strive close to the 250 impression goal that my set for myself having reached 214 impressions. I set the goal to have at least twenty re-tweets and due to my lack of Twitter followers, I found that this was an unrealistic achievement to reach.


I found that posting my tweet on subreddits that were based on font humor and memes, I was able to give my content great exposure. While my tweet was not retweeted by anyone, based on my findings it still made impressions. In addition to this, I also learned a lot about Reddit, a platform I had never used before. I chose to use Reddit as a platform to promote my tweet because after evaluating other popular memes, I have found this website to be the source for contributing to the virality of content.

Analysis of Execution

When trying to promote my tweet, I was unable to get it retweeted. I feel that if I was able to have the tweet retweeted by a Twitter user that a had a greater following, it would have been possible to receive more engagements. When trying to promote my tweet through Reddit, I believe that if I had a stronger understanding of how to use it I think my comments would have been more effective. With this said, I think that it was extremely helpful to be exposed to Reddit for one of the first times. While I found my Tweet to be humorous, it is possible that my Tweet did not appeal to the mass audiences needed to make it go viral. I believe that my humor would have only thrived in a certain type of online communities like reading and writing groups opposed to the meme and font humor groups that I tried to target.

Tweet inspired by a tweet:

After sending my tweet to twelve different meme and professional Twitter accounts, I was lucky to receive a humorous response from Google Fonts, which is a verified account under the Google brand. Google Fonts responded to my Tweet “Fontastic”, which inspired me to create a new tweet with the hopes of it going viral. Below please find an image of the Tweet and its statistics.

<blockquote class=”imgur-embed-pub” lang=”en” data-id=”a/GICSezU”><a href=”//”></a></blockquote><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>


  • Impressions: 113
  • Total Engagements: 13
  • Media Engagements: 10
  • Likes: 2
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Still waiting to go viral…

Being Twitter famous is harder than it looks. My Viral Tweet Challenge For my viral content challenge, I wanted to create tweets that were relatable to a younger audience, somewhere between late high school to recent college grads. It was important to keep in mind Buzzfeed’s style and tone while creating tweets that would also […]

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BuzzFeed Viral Tweet Report

Originally, I had planned to tweet using the “thank u, next” template in order to resonate with college kids across the country. However, upon reflection I found it very difficult to find three college traits that were connected to one another and would be applicable to everyone. Furthermore, I started to notice that the “thank […]

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