Influence Growth & Analysis

By: Caitlin Johnston Part 1: Influence Beginning Twitter followers: 335 Ending Twitter followers: 349 Percentage of growth: 4.2% While my percentage of growth was relatively low, I was never really active or strategic with my Twitter before this class. I didn’t (and still kind of don’t) like using Twitter. Through the work we did in […]

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Should I Download #Quibi ?

Quibi, a new mobile, video platform, was made downloadable on April 6th. When searching “#Quibi” on Twitter, there have been many opinions that make you consider whether or not to download the app.   Positives aspects: The vertical to horizontal shifts on #Quibi are incredible. Wow. That’s a game changer. — Kevin McCarthy (@KevinMcCarthyTV) […]

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Spongebob Meme Campaign Analysis

Objective The main objective was to reach at least 300 views on Imagur.   Meme Inspiration In the midst of social distancing, there have been plenty of memes on social media regarding everyone’s experiences, especially boredom, after the first few days of not leaving home. I created this meme because it showed how I felt […]

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