Why is “The Hand Sanitizer Watch” Trending?

The video embedded explains why the Youtube video “The Sanitizer Watch” is currently trending. We mention its connection to the recent Coronavirus outbreak and its relevance in the media today. We also feel a connection to this relevance as we at SU have just been informed that our classes will now be online until further notice.


One thought on “Why is “The Hand Sanitizer Watch” Trending?

  1. Hi Anonda,
    As someone who can be quite dense when it comes to making sense of memes, I found this video to be quite informative haha. I think you two did a really nice job of making a straight-forward and informational video that connected this meme to the current state of the world. The video could have been spiced up by adding a photo of the meme, but even without that you two do a good job of describing the meme and connecting it to the world. Nice job!
    Stay well,

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