#ParklandStudents: the extreme public debate about gun control and young activists

There are many hashtags referring to the last wave of activism for gun control: #neveragain, #marchforourlives, #guncontrol, #enoughisenough and #Parklandstudents, among others. All of them are full of controversy, different opinions, points and counterpoints that divide the entire nation. However, in #Parklandstudents is really clear how the different political groups fight to show two versions […]

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The Twitter Fight for Better Education: #DumpDevos and #WeChoose

Recently the #DumpDevos and #WeChoose have been trending together on Twitter in efforts to move towards the impeachment of recently elected Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Most people using the hashtags are linking their tweets to articles detailing a policy of Devos’ they disagree with, like her decision to defend the rollback of protection for […]

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The Zuckerberg Effect

All eyes have been on Mark Zuckerberg in light of the most recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. As Zuckerberg faced Congress on April 10, 2018, people turned to Twitter to voice their opinions on not only his answers, but the lawmakers questioning him using #Zuckerberg. Am struck by generational divide watching #Zuckerberg hearing. Am […]

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#Zuckerbergtestimony: Senators Grilled Facebook CEO or Embarrassed Themselves

Different views about Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony were formed on Twitter. I choose and search the hashtag #Zuckerbergtestimony to present different evaluation about the testimony which might decide the future direction of social media regulation enforced by lawmakers. This tweet praised the significance of this testimony and affirmed the value of questions proposed by lawmakers. […]

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Quota System Sparks Protest in Bangladesh

#BangladeshPolice attacked students in a peaceful protest while they were demanding quota reform. Government uses this discriminating tool fo their personal financial gain against unemployed poor students. #Quotareform pic.twitter.com/92epHzeRxU — Sharif H. Khan (@khanjr_sharif) April 9, 2018 Scores of students in Bangladesh staged a demonstration on Monday, demanding reformation of the discriminatory quota system in […]

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Look What You Made Me Tweet

Taylor Swift returned to the social media realm in August after months of completely falling off the grid. For Swift fans, this felt like an eternity as she is known for sticking to a strict music release schedule. Upon her return, she dropped her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” and believe me […]

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