Round Up: My Top 10 Tweets

I began this semester with a whopping 59 followers and a klout score of 28. Over the course of this semester, I have been making conscious efforts to improve my so called twitter-game and my influence on the social media platform. Today, I have 71 followers and a klout score of 35. Below is a […]

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Personal Influence Growth and Analysis/Top 10 Tweets

These last 90 days have provided a new way in thinking about generating content for social media. Primarily, authenticity is the most important. It’s not enough to post about walking to class. People go online to find distractions by entertaining or educating themselves is what I have learned. When strategically creating content I thought of this. My most influential post targeted this audience. Whenever I posted content outside of these parameters a number of impressions and engagement I received dwindled. Strategically thinking using my personality and my thoughts in my posts gave me optimal impressions and engagement and I will continue to use this and hashtags to grow my influence.

For this post, I made sure to tag MAC cosmetics and use a hashtag related to makeup artists. This post did not generate as many impressions as it could have. To generate more impressions and engagement using more hashtags related to cosmetics. This post was done when the news was trending which helped boost the post.
Impressions 275 
Media views 43
Total engagements 14
Media engagements 7
Detail expands 4
Replies 2


Impressions 490
This post earned more impressions than I expected. The hashtag I used has a very large following when it comes to the subject of poverty. I could use a GIF to make this post better and create a larger impression.

Impressions 2,375
Total engagements 15
Detail expands 6
Retweets 4
Profile clicks 3
Likes 1

This post is the definition of how when your personality is used on social media people like it. This post generated not only my largest amount of impressions but retweets. I spoke my mind and it worked well.

Impressions 526 
Media views 110 
Total engagements 51
Media engagements 28
Detail expands 16
Likes 4
Replies 1
Retweets 1

This was to engage with someone I respected in my industry. She works for Cosmopolitan magazine and I thought the best way to engage her was to post something stylish and cute and it worked. I realized in engaging people you need to say something complimenting.

Impressions 2,020
Total engagements 28
Media engagements 15
Detail expands 7
Profile clicks 3
Likes 2
Retweets 1

This was another high engagement and impression post. I used a trending hashtag and a GIF to drive the post. The hashtag was the most important thing about this post without this hashtag I do not think it would have been so successful.

Impressions 496
Total engagements 71
Detail expands 34
Profile clicks 32
Retweets 3
Likes 1

Bootbae was a topic of conversation for a while on social media. It has the highest amount of engagement of all my posts. I wrote about what people were thinking and used my own voice and it was very successful.

Impressions 343
Total engagements 9
Detail expands 3
Profile clicks 2
Replies 1
Retweets 1
Likes 1

This post is about Snapchat because I am obsessed with Snapchat. It was a headline tweet. This allowed me to play with voice and tone in a post. This didn’t give the largest impression but it earned decent amount. It taught me how to create a voice.

Impressions 269
Media views 60
Total engagements 18
Media engagements 16


Impressions 217
Media views 23
Total engagements 7
Media engagements 6

This post helped me gained more follower on Snapchat. I earned at least 10 more Snapchat followers. Although I didn’t gain a huge impression on Twitter it reflected well on my Snapchat to earn me new followers.

Impressions 1,123
Media views 42
Total engagements 22
Detail expands 10
Media engagements 8
Likes 2
Hashtag clicks 2

I loved this tweet because it was not only about my birthday but it allowed me to create a GIF of myself. It used all the components of a great tweet. This post used 3 key things that led to a great impression and engagement success. It was visually strong in relation to the subject of the tweet.


All these posts helped drive up my Klout score increasing it by 20 points. My consistency in posts and strategy allowed for not only growth but consistent growth.


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Baking 101

  If you’re like me, baking might not be your thing. But if at any chance you want to give it a shot, here is a quick how-to video on how to bake cookies.  

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How Social Media Has Become the Battlefield for Recognizing #LymeDisease

More than 300,000 cases of Lyme disease will be diagnosed this year, but because many doctors aren’t well educated in recognizing it in its early stages, the number could be much higher. Luckily, awareness is spreading, thanks highly to social media. Here are some examples of what Twitter has to say about #LymeDisease.

We actually had a vaccine on the market for a few years, but its creators stopped making it because so few people requested it and it wasn’t making them enough money. Hopefully, with cases and awareness and demand on the rise, it will be improved and offered once again.

Many people don’t believe in climate change, but whatever your beliefs, the warmer and shorter the winters, the more ticks thrive. Ticks are notoriously stealthy, and it takes harsh conditions to kill them off. Additionally, they aren’t only spread by deer as many people believe, but are also carried by mice. The more mice survive the winter, they more ticks have warm bodies to stay attached to and feed on.

There’s much controversy over Lyme disease. The CDC says it’s treatable, but if it isn’t caught immediately, it can lead to permanent damage to the brain, heart, nervous system and more.

The “Spoon Theory” is a way of explaining to those without a chronic condition how much energy it takes to get through each day. It suggests that each person is given X amount of spoons each day, to spend however they choose. The amount of spoons you start with is determined by your health status. Certain activities cost more spoons than others, so essentially, it’s about knowing one’s limits and not wasting your energy on trivial or non-vital things.

Many celebrities, like Bella Hadid and Avril Lavigne have been spreading awareness of Lyme disease by being open about their battles with Lyme disease. In her recently released book, Kelly Osbourne slams such celebrities for trying to make the disease “trendy.”

Kelly Osbourne’s views are not shared or appreciated by many who have Lyme disease because they believe that celebrities sharing their battles are both inspirational and are using their platforms to raise awareness.

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Perspective – Post Pepsi Ad

Kendall Jenner could arguably be labeled as the least controversial of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, until this week. The twenty-one year old teamed up with soda pop company, Pepsi, to create a new advertisement. Criticism on the commercial spread like wildfire in the Twitter-verse with many arguing the ad was just as tone-deaf as it was […]

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Charlie Murphy: Put Some Respeck on His Name, Not His Brother’s.

Today, we lost a legendary comedian Murphy, yet somehow it was also his brother’s day. When Eddie Murphy impersonated his brother lmaooo #RIPCharlieMurphy — Kip Smithers (@Nicktheegr8) April 12, 2017 Charlie Murphy, comedian and brother of Eddie Murphy, dead at 57 — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) April 12, 2017 Yet, fans were […]

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