Viral Content Challenge

Objective-Marketing to promote my content in the hopes that it will go viral. I will spend a small amount of money on Twitter ads to promote the content and see if in the long run it increased the number of views. college life man — al (@almayerrr) November 2, 2016   I think there […]

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Meme-ing My Way to an A

In today’s world, everyone is fighting for one job.  Their biggest goal is to get their resume in front of employers so they can get one step closer to working for their dream company.  In honor of Halloween, I created this meme so college students can relate to it while keep the Halloween spirit alive. College […]

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S/O to @Penn and @Harvard for reminding us why many of America's top students are passing on its "elite" universities #Penn #HarvardSoccer — Robert Enright (@roberteno1) November 12, 2016 “#HarvardUniversity fosters the culture of #sexism that pervades the rest of the nation.” #HarvardSoccer — The Establishment (@ESTBLSHMNT) November 7, 2016 I am sick & […]

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#GlobalWarming: Hoax or Horror?

The presence of global warming in our world was not only recognized as a highly debated issue throughout our last election, but each and every day people argue on the truth behind this matter. Some do all they can to save our planet and stop global warming from occuring, while others don’t believe that this is a legitimate […]

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Last Tuesday, Election Night, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in an upset victory, which left millions of Americans ecstatic and pleased, but also left millions of other Americans depressed and scared.  This vast divide in reaction played out live on Twitter, with Clinton supporters expressing their sadness and pain and Trump supporters celebrating his win. […]

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