Social Media Influencer

INFLUENCE My Tweets earned 2.0K impressions over the 86 day period. The number of Twitter follower increased from 5 to 14, which is a 180% change. The Klout score slightly grew from 13.29 (January 27th) to 14.14 (April 19th), with a peak of 15.12 on March 9th. The most effective technique to increase the influence […]

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NHsmtp Influencer

      For tweet 1.This is my first time using Twitter and I follow some photographer on Twitter. I learn how to mention people, and I have no follower at this time. I know they will not follow me back because I did not post any photos I took on Twitter. The only way to get them follow […]

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Social Growth By The Numbers

When tasked with measuring my social influence, I have to admit, I felt a lot of pressure. I began asking myself questions that would never cross my mind offline: What if I didn’t make enough friends? What if my impressionability is low? What if no one is really engaging with me? But as my numbers […]

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