Live Social Richness

The idea of having a team that stretches all around on a similar journey to mine is both inspiring and breathtaking. It pushes and fuels me to want and do more. Even though I may feel like quitting I don’t because this team is in it together. How to reach millennials in an effective and […]

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Social Media and the Politician

I am not a politician nor will I probably (mayorship is enticing, but not in my five-year plan) ever be one. However, there are many reasons why this presidential campaign differs from those in the past. President Obama understood the importance of connecting with his voters in a unique way that is now more important […]

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Video: What is a Curator?

This is a video I made for my Social Media course at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I’m a museum professional at Syracuse University and the number one question I get asked about my life as a museum professional is: What is a Curator? I briefly explain what curators do in […]

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