Final Presentation: Voice

For my COM 600: Social Media Theory and Practice final presentation, I decided to focus on the idea of voice and its importance as a marketing and public relations tool. As a public relations major, I have been educated on the importance of developing and maintaining a specific brand voice when communicating with publics. Voice […]

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Pinterest and Education

Pinterest provides a visual way to save your bookmarks, which makes it an excellent tool for educational purposes. This presentation explores how educators can use Pinterest through curating content, organizing ideas, collaborating with others, and allowing students to use the site. It also provides real examples of how teachers and professors are using Pinterest in […]

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@HamiltonMusical: Broadway in the social media age

This presentation will analyze the affect of Twitter on the success of “Hamilton,” a hip-hop musical depicting the life of Alexander Hamilton. The presentation will argue that Twitter is one of the main reasons that “Hamilton” is not only sold-out but also permeating into mainstream culture. Using Klout, I will analyze the Twitter handles @HamiltonMusical, @Lin_Manuel and @hamiltonssquad. I will […]

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Ad Blocking

My final report is on the rise of Ad Blocking over the past few years and the potential ways for advertising firms to combat this.  In a world where social media revenue is greatly generated from ad dollars, the evolution of how we work with or fight against the technology will help to shape the […]

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Serendipity: the ultimate goal of social media advertising

Serendipity is when unexpected circumstances and an insightful “aha” moment leads to a valuable and unanticipated outcome. This presentation looks into how brands can create serendipity for their customers by leveraging social media. MasterCard’s #PricelessSurprises campaign was used as a case study. There are three lessons learned from this campaign. First, a brand needs trying […]

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The Hidden Web

There are currently more than 555 million unique domains for surface level websites that the average internet user can access. But there are 500 times that number of hidden sites that aren’t obvious to most. These sites are referred to as the Deep Web, which often gets a negative connotation in our modern media. The […]

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The Force of Black Twitter: The Use of Twitter to Spear Cultural Movement

Black Twitter is much more than a phenomenon, it is rooted community of users that prides itself cultural identity. This identity creates a following within in this social network that people who identify as black can come to together to discuss issues of the black community.  Through the use of hashtags, emojis, and other content […]

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