As Donald Trump has become our next president, there are a range of emotions from not only the American public, but the world surrounding the 2016 election. There are people who do in fact, believe in Trump: Inside the Beltway: 84% of Americans say #DonaldTrump's the man https://t.co/iIdWN2EwY1… #politics #Election2016 pic.twitter.com/h7OUt3prUY — Donald J. Trump […]

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The hashtag #Election2016 has been used in several different ways to highlight different components of the presidential election. Countdown to #election2016! #whyIvote #whyImvoting #gotv pic.twitter.com/aJ7tR7slVz — IGNITE National (@IGNITE_National) November 5, 2016 Above, #Election2016 is used with hashtags like #GOTV to encourage people to vote. "He cannot be our president. Once you divide us, you […]

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#Brexit: For the Good or the Bad?

It is reassuring to know that the US is not the only country currently experiencing a political uproar. With the recent election of Donald Trump for president-elect of the United States, many are looking overseas for relief. Unfortunately, Americans are not the only ones experiencing a national divide. The tweets inserted below comment on two […]

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Vienna’s Virality Verdict

My Objective: The objective for my Viral Content Challenge project was for my meme to reach my dominant audience (Millennials in the United States) and thus gain virality through relatability. This would be achieved through the use of relevant topics: Rihanna, snapchat, and memes. My Meme: Rihanna’s face says it best My Twitter Webcard: Checking snap […]

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My Challenge: Virality

Objective: maximize views and encourage engagement with content that will cause users to spread the content to others. Who can actually resist pizza? Outcome: 621 Imgur Views + 190 Twitter Engagements = 811 Total Engagements View post on imgur.com View post on imgur.com I received great engagement on my attempt at creating a viral meme […]

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Syllabus Week vs. Finals Week

Objectives: To go viral. To appeal to students and young adults. To increase views, likes and favorites on the following platforms: Imgur, Twitter and Facebook.   Imgur Content: Finals Week Feels…   Twitter Webcard: View post on imgur.com     Twitter Ad Engagement: View post on imgur.com   Twitter Ad Spend: View post on imgur.com […]

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Trying to Go Viral with a Sassy Dog

Objectives: Attract dog lovers/ millennials/ dog owners Encourage shares, retweets, quote tweets Create something relatable and funny Promote engagement on Twitter webcard and collect Imgur views Gullible Dog Your dog hates you #sass #trustissues #dog #NHsmc https://t.co/tJ2hSr2zkD — Mel Mark (@Mel7Mark) November 4, 2016 View post on imgur.com What Worked: • Funny relatable captions. • Posting […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Objective: I’m marketing this meme to make it aware that this is a clear holiday violation that needs to be addressed. Hopefully my efforts help quell the problem in some capacity and Christmas music can be put on hold until November 25th. Viral Content: Webcard: Spend and Engagements:  Campaign Analysis: The first thing I quickly […]

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