Just Parent Things

Objective: My objective for this assignment was to gain over 500 views on Imgur, gain retweets for my webcard, and gain new followers. Imgur Meme: Twitter Webcard: Ok, tell me you don’t relate to this…. #parentgoals #college #NHsmc #justparentthings https://t.co/QAkKONEL8v — Melissa Levine (@Mjlevine) November 6, 2017 Twitter Ads Engagement and spend: Analysis: I met […]

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How I Tried to Go Viral

One of the biggest goals social media communicators might have is to create viral content that reaches awareness for either the company they work for or themselves. For the class “Social Media for Communicators” at the Newhouse School of Public Communications I participated in a viral content challenge. For this challenge, all students were asked […]

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Viral Meme Challenge

My Viral Meme Challenge Objectives: Meme should get at least 10 retweets and 20 favorites on Twitter Meme should get at least 100 views on Imgur Get more engagement/impressions on Twitter than past un-promoted Tweets Gain at least 5 more followers Imgur Imgur view count: 745 Twitter WebCard Tragic but so true #relatable #college #relationships […]

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Viral Content Campaign Analysis

Objective: 500+ views across platforms 10 shares on Facebook 5 Retweets 100+ likes spread out amongst platforms  Imgur Meme: 470 views via Imgur Twitter Webcard: *** Person sitting next to you coughs #NHsmc #mumps https://t.co/Ld3UDjFxI6 — Remi Amanda (@RemiLub) November 6, 2017 Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend: Analysis: Overall, I am very pleased with the […]

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A Give Back Christmas Campaign

This campaign is a part of a bigger project to make a wonderful Christmas to children at Casa Vhida, which is a non-profit organization that takes care of HIV positive children. The meme was really to make fun of myself and to grab attention from my followers and friends on social media so they could […]

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Doggo Gone Viral

Marketing plan goals and objectives Immediate understanding from looking at the picture, with laughter or a smile as a response Receive at least >500 engagements on Imgur Gain at least 4 Twitter followers My child is gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergic to the ground #NHsmc https://t.co/95QvHKy36X — Sydney Golden (@sydneygolden) November 6, 2017 Final engagement numbers […]

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Cat Memes Gone Viral

Objective: The goal of this social media campaign was to maximize Twitter engagement and Imgur views on an original meme. Imgur Meme: View count: 1,084 Twitter Webcard:  Twitter Ads Engagement & Spend: Analysis: Overall, I received 928 impressions using Twitter Ads. I received 1,084 views on the Imgur meme. I put the $5 behind one […]

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