Llama Boy

The objectives of the Llama Boy campaign included garnering 500+ views across platforms (especially imgur) and 10+ RTs and 40 likes (total) on twitter.  The following image shows the original tweet:

Upon the first tweet, I received 12 likes. I retweeted this tweet 3 times over the next few days and ended up with a total of 24 likes. This self-promotion seems to not work in getting retweets, but accrues a few likes each time. I tried to play around with the original editorial calendar and switch up the time of day for each retweet, but none of the responses stood out as better than any other. Here is the imgur version of the meme:

Llama Boy

The meme overachieved on imgur, getting more than 500 views. I used the hashtags #Llama, #Farm, #Boy, #Meme and #Couple the first time I shared it to the community. This got the meme up to about 200 views. I then changed the hashtags to the current set up, which quickly pushed me over the edge for the goal of 500+ views across platforms.

My Instagram posts yielded almost nothing, which makes sense considering it is a small, private account. I think the lack of success on twitter can be attributed to only supplying the meme with the text over it. I definitely think the meme is customizable and better copy for the image is possible, but I only put out the version I made and not the original picture. The hashtags on imgur are very influential for getting views, especially for memes like this. Most of my success came from strategically changing those and sharing to the community.

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Summer Came (And Conquered)

This past week I had the chance to experiment with the power of social media. The mission was simple: make a meme go viral. The meme was to be created and shared on Imgur, a platform used to share GIF and meme content. With over 250 million users uploading over 15 million images a day, […]

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#Mayochup or #MayoFAIL?

The condiment brand Heinz has recently released its new plans to release a product called “Mayochup” which is a combination of Ketchup and Mayonnaise. They released a Twitter poll on April 11, 2018. They told Twitter users that if they got 500,000 votes for “yes” then they would release the product. Many Twitter users responded […]

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Blog Post 3

#FacebookDataBreach Considering Facebook is  one of the most popular social media platforms in todays society, the #FacebookDataBreach is an extremely controversial and popular subject taking place in today’s media. Mark Zuckerberg (the CEO and creator of Facebook)  is under investigation for privacy rights of the social media platform he created and many people have mixed […]

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NHsmc Blog Post 3

It is mid-April, and as an NFL fan, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.  The 2018 NFL Draft is weeks away and I, along with all other football fans, cannot wait to see who our teams pick this season and to see the future stars’ smiles as they walk across […]

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