Part 2: Campaign Analysis

dad fashion

Views: 1,282


  • For this meme to be relatable to a large audience in the U.S.


  • Reach over 1,000 engagements (clicks on the Imgur URL) in one week

Tweet Webcard:

Twitter Ads Spend: $5.00

Twitter Ads Analytics: 

Tweet Activity Chart 1

Tweet Ad Analytics 2

Tweet Analytics Chart 3


  • Dates run: Nov 5-Nov 9
  • Results(Clicks):  128 link clicks
  • Result rate (link click rate): 4.6%
  • Cost per link click: $ 0.04


What Worked & What Didn’t Work in My Campaign:


I set my campaign to run over 5 days, with $1 being spent each day. To start, i choose to target the age demographic above 13, because I thought that only people over the age of 13 would find this meme relevant. Two days into my campaign, I looked at the analytics Twitter was giving back to me and made adjustments to my target on the ad platform from there. Some changes in targeting that I made to optimize my results were targeting more Android users (I noticed that most of my clicks were from Android devices) and refining my age range from 13-45, because I noticed that the majority of clicks were able to be narrowed down into that age group, therefore eliminating and narrowing the pool of users on Twitter that would see my Twitter ad, and aiming for a higher click through rate.


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Campaign Analysis

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