Lifehack: Do You Know the Best Way to Put On Your Duvet Cover?

Over the past few weeks, because everyone has been holed up inside, Pinterest has regained lots of popularity. On this platform, lifehacks remain one of the most viewed forms of content. One trend specifically stuck out to both me and my roommate: a quick trick for putting on your duvet cover. In this video, we decided to show viewers how to perform this trick because Pinterest trends can oftentimes be difficult to perform with only pictures for guidance.

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Most Legendary Pond Jump or Gator Food?

Youtube’s trending list features stuntman, Ronnie Mac, attempting the world’s most legendary pond gap. The video titled “Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*” has reached almost 30K views and was posted on Cleetus McFarland’s Youtube channel on March 10, 2020. This trend is most likely a result of Mac and McFarland’s already large youtube following as well as the awe-inspiring content. Want to find out of Mac ends up as gator food? Check out this short clip on the video!

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How Can I Do as Little Cardio as Humanly Possible?



In this video, I show a snippet of a HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, workout. The idea of HIIT is to constantly keep your heart rate fluctuating. Going from “fat burn zone” to “cardio zone” maximizes calorie burn and creates EPOC, which is also called afterburn. Who wouldn’t want to burn calories sitting on a couch?

Try this workout for six weeks, at least three times a week, and see if you get the results you are looking for! Remember, you only need to do HIIT for 20 minutes each time you do it. HIIT combined with strength training, stretching, and a healthy diet will help you move toward your personal goals. Thanks for watching!




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