Are You Really Able To Pick Just One Dessert?

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Virality is a key component in today’s society, especially on Buzzfeed. When thinking of a topic to post about I wanted something that was seasonless and that involved food. “A Dessert Lover’s Worst Nightmare…Having To Choose” was formulated and designed to bring the yummy world of Dessert together. There is no seasonality to dessert and even in fact all kinds, including ice cream, are enjoyed 365 days a year.

Objective:  To create a viral content piece that is promoted and shared across social media platforms.


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Results Analysis:

Though the post only got 65 total views. I found that Promoted tweets got over 300 impressions. Most viral views came from Facebook and Twitter. I probably could’ve done more promoted tweets or chosen and more currently relevant topic, but I still feel that dessert is always popular and favorable. Next time I would use more paid promotion, rather than personal accounts.

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