13 Reasons Why has become the most tweeted about Netflix show ever. According to my calculations: ∆ = b² – 4 a c -b± √∆x1,8 = ———— 2a 13 reasons why needs a season 2 — Dory (@Dory) April 17, 2017 Based on a popular young adult novel, the show is about a high school […]

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Going Viral

This past week, I have been focused on the objective of reaching 500+ views on an original meme, which I had posted to Imgur… senioritis at its finest   The purpose of this meme was to target high school/college students, who understand what it’s like to struggle and be overwhelmed with schoolwork. College memes are […]

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Blog Post 1

If I’m being honest, when I first thought about the affect that social media has had on me, I tend to think negatively. I do think that in a lot of ways, social media has made many people, myself included, more ignorant to our physical environments, antisocial in nature, and grammatically challenged. However, when I think of all […]

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