#Brexit: For the Good or the Bad?

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It is reassuring to know that the US is not the only country currently experiencing a political uproar. With the recent election of Donald Trump for president-elect of the United States, many are looking overseas for relief. Unfortunately, Americans are not the only ones experiencing a national divide. The tweets inserted below comment on two opposing views: one for #Brexit and one that believes Britain and the EU are #BetterTogether. Those for Britain leaving the EU advocate that they “want their country back” and believe the country will be of an economic advantage without the pressure of other unstable European economies. This view also believes there will be more internal job opportunities for the Brits as well as improvements in trade. While those against Brexit believe it will cause higher inflation rates, rising national debt, and will only benefit the rich. Sound familiar? 😉

2 thoughts on “#Brexit: For the Good or the Bad?

  1. As someone who spent a whole semester studying abroad in London, I was shocked when Brexit happened earlier this year. It was a topic of discussion that I experienced even when I took courses through SU London. Professors there encouraged us to dive deeper into the British media and how it was being perceived to the public. The country was very much divided, much like ours during this year’s presidential election. It is interesting to follow up on how both nations will move forward in the near future.

  2. I was studying abroad in London last semester, so there was a lot of talk about Brexit in the time I was there. You’re pretty spot on with your comparison to the current political climate in the US. It’s good that you highlighted tweets from (or linking to) SKY and The Guardian to show how the British media outlets on different ends of the political spectrum felt about Brexit. I think next time you may want to organize the “for” and “against” tweets a little better to make it easier for readers to see which side is saying what. Otherwise, nice job and good topic to pick!

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